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Trinity United Methodist Church is a church in transition here in North Myrtle Beach. We are trying to learn what it means to be followers of Jesus Christ in the 21st Century. We are seeking to be faithful to Christ in a world that is changing all around us. We are discovering we can give God our best worship during two wonderful, traditional worship services on Sundays even as we find other ways of worshiping as well at the beach. We are realizing that it is not only important to be the church when we come together but also it may be more important to be the church where we live, work, play, and attend school.

We are growing into our mission statement which follows:

With open hearts, open minds, and open doors,
our church family strives to
keep Christ at the center of all we do:
seeking those without Christ,
strengthening those who are in Christ and
serving the world around us in love for Christ.


  •        In 1945 a group of people met to discuss the possibility of establishing a Methodist church on the Upper Grand Strand.
  •        In September 1946 the first service was held in a small building on Crescent Beach.
  •        A petition was sent to the District Superintendent for a minister to Crescent Beach.  Reverend Carl L. Parker was appointed the first pastor in late 1946.
  •        The new church was called Ocean View Chapel Methodist Church.
  •        Soon after the Jordan family gave five lots to the church, and the church purchased two additional lots.
  •        Ground was broken in March 1947, and the church was first used in August 1947.  No pews or pulpit were present, just a piano, a few   chairs and twelve hymnals.  By late fall pews and a pulpit were installed.
  •        In 1950 Sunday school rooms were planned, and an educational building was constructed (AG Greene). 
  •        On June 17, 1951, a resolution was passed to change the name to Trinity Methodist Church.
  •        In 1952 a parsonage was acquired and was located on the corner of 14th S and Edge.
  •        Membership grew, and plans were started to replace the “little church” with a larger church. 
  •        The “little church” was moved to Edge Drive and converted to a fellowship hall.  Ground breaking occurred on February 11, 1959.
  •        In 1962 furnishings were installed although the church was not fully in use until heat and air conditioning were completed in the     winter of 1965-66.
  •        In April 23, 1968, the United Methodist Church was formed by the Methodist Church and Evangelical Brethren Church.  Trinity   Methodist Church became Trinity United Methodist Church.
  •        The steeple was added to TUMC in 1975, and in 1979 a new parsonage was purchased which is at the present site on Elizabeth     Street.
  •        In 1981 plans were made to enlarge the facilities with classrooms and office space.
  •        In 1983 a two-story addition was built connecting the present sanctuary and the fellowship hall.  Two more lots were purchased for   future parking.
  •        In May 1989 a new organ was installed. Christmas Eve of that same year 15 inches of snow fell, and Christmas Eve and Christmas   Day services were cancelled!
  •        In 1992 the Administrative Council voted to purchase another lot on Edge Drive.
  •        In 1997 a celebration was held to mark Trinity’s 50th anniversary.  Bishop Robert Spain was the guest speaker.
  •        In 2006 a balcony was added to the church due to increased numbers.
  •        In June 2012 Reverend Michael Ritter was welcomed with his family as the new and present pastor.
  •        In 2013 the loan for the balcony was paid in full and was marked with a burning of the bank-note ceremony.

 Where will God send Trinity United Methodist Church next? 

Let us open our hearts and minds for His answer.